Trish West a London playwright is premiering her play about dementia, Mrs. Cransen in April, 2017. The play, as well as an accompanying art exhibition, is a fundraising initiative to support the Alzheimer Society London and Middlesex.

As the playwright and producer of the art exhibition, Trish is looking for art to fill the gallery space of her upcoming exhibition. The main character in her new play “Ms. Cranston” has Alzheimer’s disease and she hopes that the addition of art to her exhibit will help draw attention to the disease.

She is looking for art created by people whose lives have been affected –directly or indirectly – by dementia. The art can be any number of different mediums; photographs, drawings, paintings, 3-demensional pieces, or mixed media. The art itself doesn’t need to be about Alzheimer’s disease, “…but the artist must have been affected by it” West states. The artists can include a small description with their work that focuses on a memory of the person behind the disease or the motivation or feelings behind the creation of the piece.

The deadline for submission is February 17 and the exhibition will run April 17-22. For more information or to participate in the exhibition, contact Trish West or Rick Sturgeon at [email protected].

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