Our Boards

2023-24 Alzheimer Society Southwest Partners Board of Directors

  • Jessica Thomas, Chair
  • Mike McMahon, Vice-Chair
  • Murray Mackey, Treasurer/Secretary
  • Anne Alexander
  • Dina Boone
  • Paul Cavanagh
  • Aindrea Cramp
  • Sayra Cristancho
  • Jennifer Grover
  • Kristen Naudie
  • Darlene Pretty
  • Jane Ridley
  • Jaspreet Sandhu
  • Linda Young

2023-24 Alzheimer Foundation Southwest Partners Board of Directors

  • Lauren Cullen, Chair
  • Darren Livingstone, Vice-Chair
  • John Mockler, Treasurer/Secretary
  • John Baynham

  • Murray Mackey

  • Jessica Thomas

  • Linda Young


Board Opportunities

    The AlzSWP is a skills-based, equal-opportunity governance board committed to building a culture focused on health equity, inclusion, and diversity. We are seeking individuals who can offer direct or indirect diversity of lived experience (e.g., class, race, or gender inequality) and a passion for community support services working as a non-for-profit organization. We want members to speak from their own lived experience to collectively provide varied perspective to the board and committee discussions.

    If you want to make a difference in the lives of those living with dementia in your community, consider joining the team.


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