Support For Health Professionals

AlzSWP offers a number of educational programs geared towards healthcare professionals who interact daily with persons living with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias.

We offer a variety of programs to suit different interests and abilities – ranging from hands-on workshops to more traditional educational presentations. Our Public Education Coordinator is also able to customize a program specific to your intended audience to ensure that everyone is able to get the most out of the learning experience.

Patient Referrals

If you are a healthcare professional wanting to make a client referral, simply fill out our referral form and let our team take care of the rest. Your client will receive an opportunity to meet with our Registered Social Workers who can help them create an individualized plan of care including education, support and social recreation programs.

Resources for Health Professionals

Caring for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias is a long-term commitment for health-care providers. From diagnosis until the end of life, health-care providers are called to support not only the person with the disease, but the family and caregivers as well.

The following will link you to various information and resources available on the Alzheimer Canada website.

Available Programs

Aging Simulation Workshop

For those working in long-term care, retirement homes or for students in health and social service related fields, participants experience “instant aging” (through the use of props and wardrobe) to simulate and experience advanced age and related issues.

The Aging Simulation Workshop is an interactive approach to adult learning. Participants are transformed into “residents” or “clients” by participating in an aging simulation exercise. By donning props, participants transform from their current age, to elderly, facing all the challenges that those living with normal age-related and disease-related changes face. As part of the exercise, participants must complete assigned activities while contending with physical limitations, medical interruptions, background noise and a variety of other challenges. Past participants have said this simulation led to direct changes in their perception of and care approaches for their elderly clients.

Customized Education Programs

Do you have a special request for dementia information or training? Our Public Education program can customize presentations by topic (i.e. communication strategies, brain health, etc.) or time (lunch and learns, full day training, etc.).

We can also be available in person with informative displays for wellness, aging, health and work fairs.

*Please note that fees may apply for some educational programs.

For more information or to book a presentation, please contact:

Susan Oster, Public Education Coordinator
519-680-2404 ext. 233
[email protected]


U-First! is a proven and effective approach to working with people with dementia. Through dialogue and a case-based approach, learners will have more confidence in working with people with responsive behaviours. Designed for healthcare providers working in community care, acute care, and long-term care.

Fee: $80.00

For more information, read our poster or visit

Gentle Persuasive Approaches (GPA)

Gentle Persuasive Approaches (GPA) is a case-based, interactive and practical one-day education program offered to long-term care organizations with a goal of educating all staff on how to use a person-centred, compassionate and gentle persuasive approach to challenging behaviours associated with dementia. The overall goal of the curriculum is to educate all staff (including health care aides, dietary aides, and housekeeping staff) on how to use a person-centred, compassionate and gentle persuasive approach and to respond respectfully, with confidence and skill to challenging behaviours associated with dementia.

Gentle Persuasive Approaches – Basics
GPA Basics is an innovative dementia care curriculum based on a person-centred care approach. Designed for interdisciplinary point of care staff across a variety of sectors, GPA Basics is delivered as four modules during a 7.5-hour day. The education session is evidence based, interactive and practical. GPA Basics also includes respectful self-protective and gentle redirection techniques for use in situations of risk.

See details on poster for your chosen workshop.

Read our poster or visit for more information about Gentle Persuasive Approaches.

CSS Dementia Education

The CSS Dementia Education Project was created as Community Support Services (CSS) organizations are noticing that more and more clients are coming to their organizations with comorbidities, of which dementia is prevalent.

Five lessons were created based on survey results that highlighted CSS learner needs. The CSS Dementia Education Philosophy is to create a basic foundation of dementia education. CSS Staff and volunteers should be able to complete each lesson in 25 minutes.

To learn more about how to register, contact [email protected]

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