Coffee Break

What is Coffee Break®?

Where do you host a Coffee Break?

That’s the fun part!

It can be anywhere you want it to be. At a park, service club, hospital, school, church, home or your workplace. You’re only limited by your imagination and creativity!

Why have a Coffee Break?

Your event raises important funds and awareness.

Funds from Coffee Break will go to the services and support we provide for the ever increasing numbers of families living with dementia in Southwestern Ontario.

Where does the money I raised go?

  • All funds raised here stay here.
  • All funds raised in the Coffee Break campaign will stay in Southwestern Ontario to provide support to our clients – both the person with dementia and their care partner.

Do all Coffee Breaks happen on the same date?

No, you can hold it at anytime during the campaign, from September to December!

How Do I Host My Own Coffee Break?

To host your own coffee break contact:

Aaron Brown
519-680-2404 ext. 226
[email protected]

Quick Links to our available support programs and information:

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