Are you worried about your memory?

Early detection of Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias leads to earlier diagnosis, earlier treatment and ultimately, better care.

The diagnosis of any memory related condition can only be done by a qualified medical profession (Family Physician, Specialist Physician, Nurse Practitioner), and is beyond the scope of the staff of the Alzheimer Society. However, our First Link Care Navigatorss can meet with you to help identify those who would benefit from further assessment and testing. Changes in memory can be frightening, and our social workers can help by providing information about how to obtain assessment and diagnosis; what normal brain change looks like as we age; how to manage emotions in times of stress; what community resources might be available; and what the support options are if a diagnosis is forthcoming.

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For the Person Living with Dementia


Comprehensive overview of dementia, coping strategies, and resources.


Personalized recreation programs providing socialization and meaningful activity.


In-home or in-office assessments and individualized response.


Social worker facilitated support groups & programs for care partners.

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