Public Education Webinars

Did you miss one of our popular public education webinars? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Check out previous presentations below! Simply click on the date of the webinar you want to watch.

Brain Matters

Brain Matters is a free webinar series dedicated to bringing awareness and education to matters of aging and brain health.


  • February 28: Living Safely with Dementia in the Community: Interactions with Fire Services
  • January 30: Dementia: The Basics & Beyond with Dr. Borrie


  • September 13: Living Safely with Dementia in the Community: Interactions with Paramedic Services and ER Visits
  • May 17: Living Safety with Dementia in the Community: Interactions with Police Services


  • November 24: When It’s Time to Stop Driving: how the Driving and Dementia Roadmap Can Help
  • October 27: Cognitive Impairment and the Role of Blood Pressure
  • September 21: Living Safely with Dementia at Home
  • April 26: Local Research in Cognitive Impairment and Available Opportunities
  • March 22: Managing Cognitive Impairment – What Helps
  • January 25: Learning About Memory Loss


  • December 14: Genetic Testing & Genetic Counselling for Dementia
  • December 8: The Power of Thoughts
  • November 23: Navigating the Financial Journey
  • June 15: Dementia – The Basics with Dr. Borrie
  • May 18: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities: Capacity, Power of Attorney, and Estates
  • April 13: Dr. Sharon Cohen
  • March 24: Forgiving the Man Who Forgot: Grateful Gratitude Attitude
  • February 16: Ageism & Dementia
  • January 19: Dementia as a DisAbility

Heads Up For Healthier Brains

The Heads Up for Healthier Brains program illustrates how certain lifestyle choices can help to reduce many of the risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease.

Frauds and Scams Awareness & Prevention

Learn how you can protect yourself or your loved ones from frauds and scams.

Learning About Memory Loss

Learning About Memory Loss is a free seminar for people who may be worried about their own or someone else’s memory.

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