Finding Your Way

Three out of five people with dementia go missing at some point.

Half of those missing for more than 24 hours risk serious injury or death from exposure, hypothermia or drowning. Finding Your Way is a multicultural safety and awareness tool to help prevent your loved one with dementia from becoming another statistic.

The Finding Your Way site offers:

  • Information on living safely with dementia at home and in the community
  • Online Learning
  • Locating Technologies
  • Resources

To learn more about wandering, dementia, and gain access valuable resources, visit Finding Your Way.

Download the Resource Guide:


For the Care Partner


Comprehensive overview of dementia, coping strategies, and resources.


In-home or in-office assessments and individualized response.


Social worker facilitated support groups & programs for care partners.


Innovative programs providing social and cognitive stimulation.

Finding Your Way

Living safely with dementia at home and in the community.

MedicAlert Safely Home Program

Nationwide program to assist first responders.

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Support for the Person with Dementia

Support for the Care Partner

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