Virtual Recreation Activity Archive 12

Let's Get Moving and Grooving


ABBA’s Mama Mia Workout

Get moving to some of the jazzy tunes of the hit movie series Mama Mia, featuring ABBA!

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Workout for Weight Loss

Let’s do some fat burning exercises to knock off some of those Thanksgiving pounds

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Standing Pilates Workout

Get bendy and flexible with some standing Pilates

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Senior Exercise and Fitness Tips

Exercise is very important for seniors to stay fit and healthy. Find some helpful tips and tricks here:

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5 Benefits of Exercise for Seniors and Aging Adults

Why is exercise beneficial for seniors? Find out here:

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Listen UP


Classic Rock Collection

Jam out to some of the most classic rock songs of the decades!

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Old Beautiful Love Songs

It may not be Valentine’s Day yet but there’s always time for sone beautiful love songs.

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Bruno Mars Greatest Hits

Enjoy superstar Bruno Mars’ greatest hits

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Guided Meditation

Find your inner zen with some easy to follow, guided meditation

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10 Minute Meditation for Anxiety

Use this quick 10-minute meditation video to help relieve some stress and anxiety.

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Meditation Music- Alpha Waves

Relax to some soothing alpha waves music when you’re feeling a little overwhelmed.

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Puzzle Party


Give me Five Quiz

Test your knowledge with this fun, interactive quiz

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Add a Rhyming Word Quiz

Test your rhyming skills with this rhyming word quiz

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Correct the Spelling Mistakes

Can you figure out the spelling errors in these sentences?

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Finish the Song Titles Quiz

Test your knowledge of popular song titles with this fill in the blank quiz

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Multiplayer Puzzles

Enjoy a game with friends and family with this multiplayer puzzle game!

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Turn the Pages and Reminisce


Artist Impressions: Henri Rousseau

Henri Julien Félix Rousseau was a French post-impressionist painter in the Naïve or Primitive manner. He was also known as Le Douanier, a humorous description of his occupation as a toll and tax collector. 

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10 Must Read Books for Seniors

Here are some of the 10 best books that are recommended for seniors to read!

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Daily Chronicle

Take a look at what’s going on for the month of December!

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Good Reading Books for Seniors

Here are some ideal reading books for seniors

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